Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Japanese Branded Cars in Malaysia

For those of you who are the ‘costs savings’ type, the first thing that comes to your mind (other than the price of the car) when you are planning to buy a new car most probably will be focused on the fuel consumption on the car. I am sure most of you out there had came across questions from your friends or relatives whether this or that type of cars consumes more or less petrol.

How about hybrid cars? Some of you might have thought of hybrid cars but, in Malaysia, the prices of hybrid cars are absolutely high, not every one can afford. There are some below RM 100,000.00, but choices are really limited. Maybe in the future years, there will be more hybrid cars below RM 100,000.00

Well lets look at those economical, non hybrid and with good fuel consumption rate vehicle available in Malaysia. Always remember that the heavier the vehicle, the less fuel efficient it will be especially during traffic jams. This is logical as you will definitely need to use more energy to move something heavier. We had listed below few of the overseas’ branded cars you can consider in terms of economical and fuel efficient.







Toyota Vios 1.5
Fuel Tank Capacity : 42 litre
Engine Cap : 1497 cc
Fuel Economy : 6.3 litre / 100km (est)
Power : 107hp





Honda Jazz 1.5
Fuel Tank Capacity : 40 litre
Engine Cap : 1497 cc
Fuel Economy : 5.6 litre / 100km (est)
Power : 118hp



Honda City 1.5
Fuel Tank Capacity : 40 litre
Engine Cap : 1497 cc
Fuel Economy : 6.8 litre / 100km (est)
Power : 118hp

Nissan Almera 1.5
Fuel Tank Capacity : 41 litre
Engine Cap : 1498 cc
Fuel Economy : 6 litre / 100km (est)
Power : 100 hp

Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2
Fuel Tank Capacity : 35 litre
Engine Cap : 1193 cc
Fuel Economy : 5.5 litre / 100km (est)
Power : 77 hp

The above mentioned are few of the Japanese branded cars worth the value of money. If you are looking for a lower budget car, you may consider a few of our national branded car like Perodua Bezza, Perodua Myvi or Axia. These cars also performed well in terms of fuel efficiency compared to the above listed.

Please feel free to drop us some comment below if you have any suggestion.

Kem Yong Ent


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