Fuel savings tips every driver in Malaysia should know

Recently here in Malaysia, most of us received news every Wednesday night on the petrol prices whether it will be more expensive or cheaper the next day. If the prices are cheaper on the next day, people will tend to pump only the next day, and if it is the opposite way, you will see people queuing in the petrol station waiting for their turn Wednesday night itself.

Well, this might be the direct way for you to get cheaper petrol, but there are actually ways and methods for you to save more on petrol. Of course we do not compare a Volvo to a Perodua Axia, of course in terms of lesser fuel consumption, Axia will definitely be the winner. What we meant here are things that we should do or avoid to become a fuel efficient driver.

  1. Service your car on time – as advised by the car service centre, once you reached a certain mile-age, you should be arranging it for service. There are certain parts or engine oil that should be change on time and these will have effect on the horsepower of the car. With more power, you need lesser petrol consumption to reach a certain speed.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving – what we meant here are, for those of you who loves to keep accelerating while driving. Same goes to those who loves to keep themselves very close to the in front cars. It is not only dangerous, it also consumes more petrol than you are driving smoothly as you will be stepping on the brakes and acceleration pedal more frequently.
  3. Avoid traffic jams – when you are stuck in a traffic jam, the same theory as number 2, you will be stepping on your brakes and gas pedal more often. Our advise is to check on waze apps for the traffic condition before you start you journey.
  4. Keep your windows close – every cars has their own aerodynamic design for the wind cutting while you are moving fast so that the pressure from the front coming air can flow smoothly thru your car. Opening your window while driving destroys the air flow line causing burden for your to car accelerate and this means that you need to step more that the gas pedal to go faster. Now you have a reason not to smoke while you are driving.
  5. Regular checking on your tyre pressure – it is recommended to check your tyre pressure once every week. The lesser pressure on your tyres will costs you more fuel consumption while you are driving. If you are lazy to do it yourself at the petrol station , you may go to those tyre shops nearby to you for them to check for you, if I am not wrong, most of them don’t charge for tyre pressure.
  6. Fill the tank in the morning – based on the scientific theory, filling your tank in the morning because the petrol temperature are lower compared to filling in the afternoon or night. When lower in temperature , the molecules of the fuel will be closer to each other and you will get a little more for the amount you paid for.
  7. Car pool – organized for a car pool if you have colleagues staying nearby you. Both or some of you may only need to use one car to travel to work instead of a few cars.

Some of you maybe thinking, driving without your aircond on is also a way of saving your fuel consumption. Yes ! You are not wrong….but here in Malaysia, if you loves sauna, you may do that 🙂 Hope you get what I meant.

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