How to Settle A Car Accident the Correct Way?

Hi Valued Customers, hope you all had enjoyed your Raya holidays! Before and during the holidays, you may had seen or heard news of car accidents happening here and there around Malaysia especially during the festival seasons. Of course, nobody would wish to involve in an accident, the fact is that you may be driving very carefully but some of them on the road are not.

Do you know that according to the Malaysia Statistic Department, 80.6% of the road accidents are caused by human error. There were a total of 521,466 accidents recorded in year 2016 compared to 489,606 in year 2015.


If you, your relatives or friends ever involved in a car accident, there are certain things you/they can do to protect your/their interests. Below are the guidelines you should follow during and after involving into a car accident:

  1. Once your are hit or you hit someones car, do not stop straight in the middle of the road and come down from your car. If driving is still possible, always remember to move your vehicle to a safer place first before getting out. Use hand signals to the involved party as an indication to move to a safer location first.
  2. Before getting out from your car, ensure that your double signal flasher are on especially in the night. This is to alert the passerby that you are stopping there for an emergency. Get out from your car and check on the damages of your vehicle. Make sure that the involved party comes out from their car as well. Keep yourself calm even if it is not your fault, do not mess things up by rude actions. You may end up the other party calling gangs and having a road fight.
  3. Remain calm, take pictures of your car and exchange information with the involved party. Details you should get from the involved party are as below:
    -Contact Numbers
    -Driver’s license number
    -Vehicle Plate Number
    -Basic Insurance Information
  4. During this time you may get people dropping by and offering help of tow truck or cheap workshop for your car repair. Stay calm and do not let them sway your judgement. Just for your information, the intention of these people offering help are mainly just for commissions and these commission are not less.
  5. Discuss with the related party on the settlement option. Come up with an agreement for both to: -either settle the repair costs outside yourself or by them depending who is on the fault.
    -make a report in the nearest police station.
    Normally in minor accidents, drivers would prefer not to touch their insurance claim. Why said so? It is because, once you had done claim or been claimed, you will definitely loose your NCB % which we called it No Claim Bonus. You will have to pay more premium in the few coming years.
    If the involved party tells you that they got no money to pay for the repair, or they insists on insurance claim, then to make a police report is a must. Not to worried if they are in the fault, as your car repair costs will be claim under their car insurance and your NCB still remains.
    *Take note that who is in the fault depends on how the police report is being written.
  6. Call for your insurance tow truck and tow your car to the related panel workshop if you are doing a claim. If it is a settle outside case, the costs bearer may want the car to be send to the workshop which they know or they may asked you to repair it yourself and send them the bill later on.

Wrapping Up

Many of the experienced drivers may have already know the guidelines above but there are still many youngsters who do not know what to do instead calling friends and relatives for help when they are involved in an accident. For me, I would advice to settle it off yourself instead of waiting for your relatives to come over. Imagine, the longer you leave your car there by the roadside, with Malaysia’s drivers busybody attitude will surely cause more and more jam in the road.


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