Best Resale Value Second Hand Car in Malaysia

Depending on different perspective of buying cars, some of us always have a thinking that if we get a brand new car, the lesser worries we have.

Why? It’s because people always have a mindset of new things doesn’t get spoil easily. For us, it really depends on your luck and how well you take care of your new car. I am pretty sure most of you out there had heard from your friends or relatives about someone they knew had just bought a new car and that car keep giving them problems. I am not saying that new cars are not good, just that it really depends on your luck when you are getting one that might had missed the factory quality check.

If you are thinking to get a new car, experienced car dealers will usually advice you to get new car that has a good resale second hand value, so that you won’t loose much when you wanted to sell your car after a few years of usage. Certain brand of cars depreciate very fast in value. You might be getting a new one for RM 100,000 and resale it for only RM 20,000 after 5 years of usage.

In Malaysia, after some research in the internet and advised from some experienced used car dealers, we had listed below the few brands and types of cars that have the best resale value after 5 years.

Toyota Vios – new car from RM 74,000
– value after 5 years RM 42k – RM 50k

Honda City – new car from RM 75,930
– value after 5 years RM 44k – RM 52k

Perodua Myvi – new car from RM 41,000
– value after 5 years RM 25k – RM 31k

Honda Civic – new car from RM 110,430
– value after 5 years RM 55k – RM 66k

Toyota Altis – New Car From RM 117,000
– value after 5 years RM56k – RM 67k

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